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The tendency to mistake the superficial excitement derived from receiving text messages for the excitement bourne out of genuine chemistry between you and your text-happy new friend, especially prevalent in the budding stages of romance when a high degree of unfamiliarity is present between said parties. In the alternate context of an in-person or phone conversation, the same conversation would not be nearly as exciting.
It's no wonder your romances always crash so hard after you finally get to know the person, all the excitement between you is nothing more than the anticipation and reception of text messages. It's classic Con-Textual Attribution Error. Similar to the excitement and subsequent letdown of Christmas.
av mckwistonator 22 oktober 2011
A dialectic counterattack, primarily used by females when arguing with their male counterparts, in which some or all statements previously made in the conversation are retroactively labeled "feelings". This Jiu-Jitsu inspired verbal maneuver thus renders all valid points and rebuttals made by the victim moot, nay less than moot, in fact all those rebuttals have now been turned into an unprompted offensive attack. And in argument, it is the attacker who "loses" the match.
Mark: So my girl told me that I was asshole because I forgot our first anniversary yesterday. I pulled out the concert ticket from our first date which proved our anniversary is next week and said she was being rude. Then she pulled the feelings card on me, she said that regardless of when our anniversary really is, she still felt forgotten and felt like i was an asshole, and now i was a double asshole for calling her rude and stomping on her when she was already hurt. FML!
av mckwistonator 17 juli 2012
Time begrudgingly spent with another party(often significant other) running errands or other activities in which no benefit or pleasure is gained by you, and the only benefit enjoyed by the offending party is the pleasure of your company.
Your girl asked you to go with her while she got her oil changed? Bra, that's total Garbage Time, pretty soon you'll be serving hors d' oeuvres at her best friends baby shower!
av mckwistonator 8 maj 2011
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