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Movie trilogy begun in 1985 and completed late 80s. Starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The plot revolves around Marty McFly, an 80s teenager who just wants to play in a rock band and take his girlfriend Jennifer to the lake for some romance. One day his best friend, eccentric inventor Doc Brown, creates a time machine which is in the form of a DeLorean car fitted with a flux capacitor. Marty accidentally gets sent back from 1985 to 1955 and immediately prevents his parents from falling in love, thus erasing himself from existence. He also has just one chance to get back to his own time when lightning strikes the clocktower. Luckily he manage to get his mom and dad back together and get Back to the Future. As soon as he gets back, Doc turns up from the future telling him that something must be done about his kids. So off they go again (this time the DeLorean can fly) and get into a whole heap more trouble. It's a very funny and quintessentially 80s movie. Even the future is 80s. Its great.
1955 Doc: Marty, I'm sure in 1985 plutonium is available in every corner store... but in 1955 it's a little hard to come by!

1985 Doc: It was Libyan Terrorists. They wanted me to build them a bomb... so I took their plutonium and in return gave them a shoddy bomb casing filled with used pinball machine parts!

Marty McFly: This is heavy.

Doc: Great Scott!
av justplainevil 11 juni 2004
Very small breasts. Because they resemble the tiny bumps caused by the sting of a bee. Also see Two-backs.
That girl only has beestings for tits.
av justplainevil 12 juni 2004
Somewthing that someone write probably without using words like iambic pentamenter or enjanbment. They just wrote it, and if it wasnt right, they changed it till it was. Then someone other fucker came along and tortured hundreds of kids with endlessly boring drivel, when if the kids had just read the fucker, they might have enjoyed it, instead of in later life, burning all the books and rioting in the streets.
Here is your exam question: Based on the poem Daffodils by William Wordsworth, do you think he'd scored some good opium that morning. Discuss referring constantly to other examples, using words that are long and meaningless and won't help you in the real world.
av justplainevil 12 juni 2004
Term for a Kwik-Save store. Cheap and nasty, like the girls who work there. Have a list of barred alcoholics who come in every morning at 8 am to buy booze. Floors dirty and worn.
"Gotta go to Kwik-Scav and buy some noodles. You know, those ones that cost 9p."
av justplainevil 29 maj 2004
Luke Skywalker's mate from Star Wars, unlike most of the other Pilots he doesn't make the mistake of saying "I could take on the whole Empire myself" which guarantees a sudden death by Imperial laser cannon about 5 minutes later. Managed to survive the Death Star trench and the Hoth Battle, and the second Death Star attack. His full name is Wedge Antilles, which sounds like Mexican food. Also, he is a fat cunt and it's a wonder he ever managed to "Wedge" himself into the cockpit of his fighter.
"Wedge, tighten the straps and we'll hoist you out of the cockpit with a forklift. Hey - who ate all the space pies?!"
av justplainevil 13 juni 2004
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