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Airline industry lingo for Irregular Operations, which can be easy translated into your ass is going to be staying late!
Dick was thinking that he was only going to be working a 8 hour day until his boss IROP-ed his ass!
#over-time #staying late #getting fucked over #getting fucked by ur boss #boss making you stay late #staying super late
av guyfawkes74 29 december 2009
This when a woman lets her pubic hair gorw way out of control, hence turning into a afro-bush!!
Alice had'nt had sex in a very long time, therefore she let her pubic turn into a afro-bush!
#hairy pussy #wild pussy #going native #bushy #bush
av guyfawkes74 3 januari 2010
Airline industry lingo, which covers any of the low-fare air-carriers such as AirTran, Jet-Blue or Jet-West. This also describes the level of service one recieves while on the flight, such as recieving peanuts or pretzels for snacks, instead of actual meals!
Josh did'nt have enough money to fly SouthWest, so instead he had to take a WalMart-Flight back home to see his parents!
#cheap flight #jew flights #budggie flights #5th class flights #poor-airlines
av guyfawkes74 29 december 2009
Airline Industry lingo for the last in bound flight of the day at a airport!
Jeff had to stay late order to work the in comming Terminating-Flight!
#last flight #the late night flight #the last in #the midnight flight #the banshee flight
av guyfawkes74 29 december 2009
Is the after smell on your cock or in your bedroom after you had sex. This also pertains to the sex smell found in ones belly button after having sex with a overly "wet" woman!
Tom could believe the strong snatch parfume in his bedroom, after having fucked Lisa!
#cum left overs #sex juice #wet runnys #snail trails #smelly pussy
av guyfawkes74 14 december 2009
Airline Industry term for any business asshole whom brings his heavy(and cheap-ass)golfclubs with him to his supposed business trip to Florida!
Chase was considered among his friends in Chicago to be a complete FL yuppie!!
#florida asshole #florida golf poser #florida douche-bag #dickhead #prick
av guyfawkes74 5 januari 2010
This term defines the way black, spanish etc, over play a popalur song over and over again in the nightclubs or on their car stero systems!
Jon pulled up next to a lowered truck and was subjected to minority excessive replay!
#ghetto music #ghetto fab tunes #over kill tune #over kill club tune #tune burn out
av guyfawkes74 5 januari 2010
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