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the sexual acrobatic super move of completing a double blumpkin by 69ing and simultaneously shitting.

*Warning*: NOT for recommended for novices.
Billy: Hey, can you give me a blumpkin?

Jill: Only if you give me one too!

(Both begin to chant, beginning in a soft whisper, and slowly building in volume and frenzy): BLUMP TO BLUMP!, BLUMP TO BLUMP!, BLUMP TO BLUMP!
av Whoopi Goldberg 28 februari 2007
originally called the Wiggle Wobble, this dance consists of the alternate shaking of the shoulder and wiggling of the upper torso. It was created by The General, and is rumored to have the power to undo jinxes.

On December 31st, 2006, the "Wiggle Wobble" officially became the "Brak Dance" during DJ Brak's set where the synchronized execution of the Wiggle Wobble ensued.

It is most popular with snowboarders, ravers, and sometimes both.
Holy crap! Did you just see that? The whole room just did the same dance at the same time!

Yeah, I saw everyone do the Brak Dance, it was fucking magical!

That's right asshole!
av Whoopi Goldberg 23 januari 2007
rubbing genitals but not having sex.
Can we have sex?


Well, can we have no sex?


av Whoopi Goldberg 14 januari 2007
vagina, anus, dick hole or any other cavernous meaty orifice. Can be used interchangeably to add mystery to any conversation.
Mike: ok well im going to go knock myself out for 8 hours
Mike: in my meat cave
Jes: lol
Jes: don't tell me that
Jes: you're disgusting
Mike: haha good night
av Whoopi Goldberg 28 februari 2007
the act of masturbation while keeping the hand in operation as cold as possible. The master bater will usually keep a bucket of ice to dunk the free hand in, alternating hands to maintain a nice frosty sensation. Upon ejaculation, the ice creamer will simultaneously dunk their genitals into the ice bucket, thus "icing" their "cream". Screaming is optional, but highly recommended.
Did you hear what happened to that kid?

What happened?

He got frost bite on his cock from ice-creaming.

No fucking way!

That's right asshole, fucking frostbite.
av Whoopi Goldberg 20 januari 2007
the martial art of swiftly jabbing your hand into the mouth of an unsuspecting yawner, causing projectile vomiting onto the hand of the attacker, in which case, the attackee is pantsed and vomit is wiped across their defenseless ass.

It is taken from the Danny Glover, just reversed.
While he yawned, she quickly stuck her hand into his gaping mouth, causing him to spew all over her hand. She then pulled his pants down and smeared his vomit across his white ass.

HEY! You just reverse Danny Glovered me!

That's right asshole!
av Whoopi Goldberg 16 januari 2007
a sexy job done on juicy hemorrhoids at the peak of their ripeness, usually with the mouth, with or without teeth. Professional hem-jobbers can balance the task of sucking without bursting the hemorrhoid, while the inexperienced unluckily end up with mouths full of blood and feces.
After Forrest finished giving his first hem job, he looked like he had a mouth full of chocolate cherries. What an assbag.
av Whoopi Goldberg 22 januari 2008
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