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5 definitions by The Muteress and The Mutelator

When some one is sexualy arousing in an erection sort of way!
They have a hott ass!
'slap ass' "Scorchin"!
"Girl lock at that guys ass, it is scorchin"!
5 3
An Oldperson's Expression For Being Confused About The 21st Century.
To Be Not In The Knowledge Of Something.
The Kids These Days, I Tell You... Its A cong Funkle
Im Cong Funkled, What Did She Just Say?
What A Bother! Thats Just Cong Funkled Me Right Up!
av The Muteress and The Mutelator 22 februari 2005
7 6
The Mutelator!
A Great Acomplace To The Ever So X-L-X Lent Muteress
The Mutelator Enjoys; Weekly Trips To Subway/Hungry Jacks, Making Friends With The Shuntiest People On Earth And Playing With Her Box
M to the U-Te-Lator
The Muteress Is Da Bomb!
Oh My Dog!
av The Muteress and The Mutelator 22 februari 2005
1 2
The Muteress!
A Shunty Blind Mute Who Gets Lost In Carparks, Receives Sexual Calls At 2 In The Afternoon, Enjoys Wooden Boats And Shannon Knowel!
Ahh As If!!!
M.C. Muteress!
Oww Ashleigh You Mute (In The -Ress Way
M to the U-Te-Ress!
av The Muteress and The Mutelator 22 februari 2005
8 17
a person who is a blind,deaf mute with no arms and no legs
the lady from the book "so much to tell you"
a person who is both a blind and deaf mute and also missing all limbs is preety useless in the sense that they cant do anything. they cant; read brail because they have no hands, see, hear or speak to anyone, walk as no legs are attached to their abdomen. The best they can do is to hold a cane in their mouth in hope that their wheelchair doesnt get munted into a wall and there cane be forced down their throat.
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