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The second most horrific sounding nickname for the human female's genitals(after cunt). So much so that it can only be properly applied when descibing genitals that are presumed or understood to be filthy or disgusting.
"Yo Jeff, I lost my arm in your Grandma's snatch last night!"
av The Dark Lord of Bass 27 september 2005
The absolute greatest thing a sexually active male with a drivers licence and a car can wish for. Truly a slice of fried gold. Simply the most amazing feeling in the world. Although very dangerous to someone who needsto be consintrating while driving. However one needs not worry if they are spoted by an officer of the law while recieving road head, for in my experience they tend to applaude.
I was driving, my girlfriend was sitting next to me. It was a beautiful day, we had decided to take the longer, scenic route. Then suddenly she started giving me pleasure Lewinsky style, and i felt like a god. When it was over I turned to her and said, "Honey, you give the best road head in the world."
av The Dark Lord of Bass 27 september 2005
States full of people who voted for G.W. Bush (a.k.a. the first herald of the apocalypse). The majority of people in these states have forgotten that this country was founded on the separation of CHURCH AND STATE and put a coked up jesus freak in office because "he prays" and he talks about jesus alot.
Fuckin red states, you know hes going to bring on the apocolyspe!
av The Dark Lord of Bass 10 oktober 2005
The End of Eva is the true ending to the popular anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. This film is the way episodes 25 and 26 were ment to be seen. The original episodes 25 and 26 were mared by a lack of funding and time, they were poorly animated, extremly confusing and lacked a cohesive plot. The fans through a shit fit and the studio pulled more money together to stop the toraid of death threats and made the end of eva. This is probably the most fucked up animated movie ever.
Right Now The End of Eva is fucking with someone's head.
av The Dark Lord of Bass 10 oktober 2005
When one has become so obsessed with sex that every sound sounds like people having sex. This is usually caused by the suffering indivdual being sex deprived or having not had any sexual activity for an extremly extended period of time.
As Johny walked thru the halls of his dorm he thought he was hearing sex from behind each door. Infact no one, anywhere, on campus was having sex or even watching porn at the moment. Johny simply had not gotten any in over a year and he was now suffering from sex paranoia.
av The Dark Lord of Bass 22 september 2006
Death and Rebirth is an Evangelion movie. After the 25th and 26th episodes of the Japanese Television anime Neon Genesis Evangelion were released the fans revolted. Studio Gainix had run out of money and the final two episodes of the series were released with poor animation, contained a false "happy go lucky" ending and were overall very confusing. The fans through a shit fit and sent death threats. When Studio Gainix pulled some money together, and got a bit of a hand out from every animation studio in Japan, they produced two Evangelion movies. The first of which was Death and Rebirth. The first half: Death, was a broad recap of the first 24 episodes. Rebirth however was no more than the first 15 minutes of the next movie. The fans once again threw a shit fit and sent death threats. Finally The End of Eva was released, "and all's right with the world."
Allright, for the marathon were gonna do episodes 1 through 24, fuck 25 and 26, fuck death and rebirth, and then we watch the end of eva.
av The Dark Lord of Bass 10 oktober 2005
Eva Head is the condition most people experiance after watching/ reading too much (or in some rare cases any) of Evangelion. In this case Evangelion encompases a manga series, a 26 episode anime, and two films: "Death and Rebirth" and "The End of Eva." Eva Head has been described as a hardening of the liquid around ones brain(or atleats it feels like it) accompanied by loss of sense of reality, sensation of floating, confusion and sharpness of vision. This is because there is way too much information to process and Director Anno's true message is so disturbing that the brain wont allow it all to sink in. Generally this is experienced after watching multiple episodes of the series. Eva fans ideally consider episodes 1-20, plus the diectors cuts of episodes 21-24, plus The End of Eva to be the entire story, this will take 8-13 hours, and I gaurentee you that if you watch it all in one sitting you will get Eva Head. Eva Head can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 months.

Eva Head can also mean the mind set one must be in to watch Eva and atempt to understand what is happening. It is simlar to idea of putting on one's "thinking cap"
1. 1st Guy: Jeff just finished Eva.
2nd Guy: Oh no! He's gonna get Eva Head. We probably shouldn't talk to him for a few months.

2. 1st Guy: We got 13 hours to kill, wanna do a marathon?
2nd Guy: Alright, time to put Eva Head.
av The Dark Lord of Bass 10 oktober 2005
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