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5 definitions by Ryoko

Boobies; breasts; titties; hooters; etc.
What nice chichis you have!
av Ryoko 25 december 2002
284 68
This acronym has two meaning:
1.Laughing her ass off
2.Laughing his ass off
This can be used when writing fanfiction or describing someone in 3rd person.
girl:I told Jane that joke this morning and she was lhao.
boy:I told John the same joke and he was lhao until tears came out of his eyes.
av Ryoko 14 januari 2006
11 2
One who bookas teh goats.
Fujii, you goat bookaer.
av Ryoko 25 december 2002
10 7
The study of poon.
We got to look at poon in poonology today.
av Ryoko 25 december 2002
6 5
Person with no sense of kickass and sucking, or right and wrong, because to him, his favorite thing is always the best.
Stfu fanboy.
av Ryoko 25 december 2002
9 15