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A sports commentator at ESPN who pretends to be a political pundit on MSNBC. He is one of those rare people who can profess compassion for the downtrodden and oppressed masses, yet can't seem to get along with anyone on planet Earth: notably at ESPN and MSNBC (he resigned several times from both networks due to personality clashes with his bosses and co-workers). Watch him share the microphone with Chris Matthews during primaries coverage; while Matthews drones on about some minute detail of a Democratic primary 40 years ago, Olbermann's lips tighten, his face turns blue and you'd swear his head was about to explode. (Okay, I can't really blame him for that).

He can also project extreme outrage at his political enemies; i.e. FOX News, the Bush administration, America's registered voter's, anyone who is breathing, etc. His political beliefs are about 120 miles to the left of Pol Pot and Noam Chomsky: which would put him in the same category as an average poster at Democratic Underground, DailyKos, and Huffington Post. He has an obsession with FOX News pundit/douche-bag Bill O'Reilly that border's on the homo-erotic ( more like rough-trade-leather-boy homo-eroticism, not the Ethel Merman impersonator variety).

Keith Olbermann is basically an anti-social personality who craves external validation in order to fill the vast empty spaces in his personal life. By projecting faux outrage for what he perceives are the apocalyptic political and social problems of the United States, he can make himself appear "progressive" and "compassionate" to his devotees, while in reality it is only a doomed attempt to flee his personal demons.
" Hi, my name is Keith Olbermann and I'd probably spit on you if we got to know each other a little more."
av RonnieTheGreat 21 april 2008
A Democratic party supporter's website that is a gathering place for politics obsessed misanthropes who seethe with impotent rage at their complete lack of power and control over the American people. The poster's at Democratic Underground all seem to be bourgeois lefty political groper's in various stages of mental illness. Paranoia reigns supreme there, as does self-loathing, hatred of people in general, a strident belief in complex conspiracies which dominate and thwart them at every turn, and a desperate need to believe that all of their problems in life are somebody else's fault.
"I can't function in life because Chimpy McFlightsuit, Darth Cheney, KKKarl Rove, Halliburton, Bectel, the KBR death camps, Diebold, Blackwater, LIHOP, MIHOP, chem-trails, Fitzmas, Scooter Libby, and the Pentagon's hurricane and earthquake machine ruined my life... so I might as well hang out here at Democratic Underground."
av RonnieTheGreat 19 april 2008
The Grauniad is a British left-wing populist rag read by the tweed and corduroy crowd at second rate liberal arts college's . It is known mostly for it's hatred of the United State's, Israel, and Western civilization. It's writer's are fatuous political pimps who write in the style of a frantic housewife whose husband just left her for a younger woman: bitter and vindictive.

The Guardian is required reading if you are middle-class, wear a Che Guevara t-shirt, and like to read books about the Baader-Meinhof gang and Red Brigades.

"I couldn't find the Socialist Worker so I'm reading The Guardian."
av RonnieTheGreat 23 april 2008
A British Army web-site that panders to homosexual members of the British Army.
"I was sharing a pink gin fizz with Dickie and Carruthers at the base club and they told me about a special gay British Army web-site called ARRSE that is just for our kind". We should tell all of our gay friends to post there and find a life mate!!"
av RonnieTheGreat 19 januari 2009
A person who comes from a strange rain swept island called Britain. It used to be called "The British Isles", and "Great" Britain, but that was before it became a third world country. The British fall into two categories: The Dandy and the Chav. The Dandy is the stereotypical version of a Brit; a haughty and sniffy metrosexualized fop who nibbles on cucumber sammiches with pinky extended while spouting off poetry. Then there is the modern stereotype; the fat, drunk, smelly, toothless, uncircumcised, foul mouthed, shaven headed Chav lout in a dirty soccer shirt ("football" they call it, *snort*). It is mostly the English who are associated with this embarrassing and disgraceful image of the British, and not the Scots (who are usually sleeping off their heroin fix), and the Welsh (who are busy sodomizing farm animals). The Northern Irish don't really know what they are, they just want to drink it or bomb it.
"Wow, did you see that group of fat, drunk, and smelly British tourists get beaten to a pulp by that proud, patriotic, and hygienic American citizen defending his land and his honor from those dirty foreign interlopers?"
av RonnieTheGreat 24 januari 2009
Noam Chomsky is a linguist who doesn't really do anything linguistic anymore because he is too busy with his vile and depraved political musings to contribute anything useful to the world anymore. An anti-social personality and a political finger painter who is worshipped by white middle-class leftists for giving voice to their ideological infantile disorder.
Middle class Leftist: " Noam Chomsky is like sooo deep, man. He's like, you know... he's like a genius or something, you know, man? He's like totally involved in like, important stuff, you know? It's just so cool how he can, like, you know, interpret what birds and chimpanzees are talkin' about based on what they're like SAYING man, you know?"
av RonnieTheGreat 24 januari 2009
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