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One who doesn't believe in innate human virtue. Cynicism, contrary to popular belief, does not entail being an offensive and ignorant idiot. Only the offensive part, because most people don't like how cynics criticise them and would rather live happily ever after in the magical world of pixies and gumdrops and rainbows and unicorns. Sadly, that view on cynicism has caused a lot of people to regard the philosophy in a negative way.
Nobody likes a cynic. That's okay, because we don't like everyone else.

One famous cynic was Diogenes. He would go around Athens in broad daylight with a lantern. When people asked him what he was doing, he would say "I am just looking for an honest man".
av Lord of the Pies 15 april 2006
An anxiety disorder characterized by extreme self-consciousness in normal social situations, including the fear that one is being judged or observed by all those around them. Social anxiety causes people to fear being humiliated or embarrassed much more than is normal. People with social anxiety disorder know that their fear is irrational and yet still avoid any situation in which they may be evaluated or judged.

Social phobics, like those with Avoidant Personality Disorder, may develop defences against their fears, such as denying that they fear social situations or defending themselves through insensetivity.
Holy crap, a factual entry into Urban Dictionary?!

A person with social anxiety may avoid public speaking.
av Lord of the Pies 25 mars 2006
One who conforms to a belief or set of beliefs held by someone else. For example, as many of the definitions on this page have noticed, there are adolescent social groups in Western society that many people feel the need to conform to, such as goths, punks and emos for example. However, some people may be forced to conform to a set of beliefs that they do not necessarily wish to follow; for example, in dictatorships like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in the 20th century, people were forced to conform to what the government believed, regardless of what they themselves thought.

The realm of conformism can be stretched, however. For example, one might argue that by being a non-conformist, you are conforming to non-conformism. However, this is bullshit and you should severely injure anyone who truly believes in that. There is no such thing as the non-conformist group in the same manner as there are punks and emos.

Of course, you could be a non-conformist by not conforming to the social norms as defined by adults, not adolescents, but nobody gives a shit about those anyway.
A conformist is what most of the people who have put entries onto urban dictionary are. You're not a non-conformist simply because you laugh at conformists. A non-conformist is a true rebel, fighting against whatever the prevalent social groups are in their society. In modern Western society, this essentially means wearing whatever you want, listening to whatever music you want, reading what you want and so on, not choosing a social group (such as the emos) and shoehorning yourself into that particular style. For example; ask an emo exactly why they like emo music or emo clothes and don't stop until you get a satisfactory answer. No, wait, don't, because you'll die long before you do (unless they really do like their clothes and music for real reasons, which is unlikely).

Someone who likes whatever music they actually like is a non-conformist. If someone likes music from any genre simply because they like that particular piece of music then they are a non-conformist in that particular area of life.
av Lord of the Pies 7 maj 2006
One who doesn't conform to modern social views. In Western society this would mean listening to whatever you want, wearing whatever you want, etc. regardless of the views of any social group.

It is important to note that those who listen to emo music and wear stereotypically emo clothes, for example, are not non-conformists; they are just brainless prats. They don't actually want to listen to the music that they do, they simply do it in order to fit into a social group (conforming).
There is no non-conformist group; non-conformist refers to an individual. As such, any group of people that say they are non-conformists (for example, goths, emos, punks etc.) aren't actually non-conformist. They are just brainless prats, as described above.
av Lord of the Pies 12 maj 2006
A band which is the subject of yet another pathetically fanboyish urbandictionary controversy over which band/genre is better.

You know what, why don't both sides just fucking lie down and die already? It really is goddamn pathetic that you place so much of your time into this pointless conflict.
Limp Bizkit fanboy: OMG, Limp Bizkit r teh bestz0r!1shift
Limp Bizkit hater: OMG liek Limp Bizkit r teh shitz0r!1shift
Anyone with a brain: just shut the fuck up, you cowardly idiots.
av Lord of the Pies 12 maj 2006
Continuous movement, not impeded by friction or forces, and travelling at the same speed.
Perpetual motion could be used to provide electrical energy. Should an electromagnetic generator be constructed around Darwin's grave in the year 2006, it would be able to power approximately 25% of the world's electrical consumption by 2008. The machine would work in the following way: Darwin continually spins in his grave due to the presence of mindless idiots in the human race, of which there are a great number (thus increasing Darwin's rotational speed). All you need to do is electrically charge his body and you have an infinite power supply (just as human stupidity is infinite). There have been, and always will be, idiots in the world, as provided by teenaged mothers, thus providing perpetual motion on the part of Darwin's corpse.
av Lord of the Pies 21 april 2006

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