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A term used when one is high on ecstasy.
E-Tard: Hey, Libra...you rolling yet???

Libra: Hell yea, baby! That pill kicked in nasty! Hey, did I ever tell you that I love you???
av Libra Chic 31 oktober 2005
A person who is half black and half white. Sometimes also reffered to as redbone, on account of their light skin tone.
Nigga #1: Shawtys got a fat ass! She a sista?

Nigga #2: Naw dawg, that fine ass honey's milatto...damn...hold up, ima go holla at her.
av Libra Chic 20 september 2005
This word can be used in many different forms. Most popular is to use it to express dissatisfaction in any given (mostly negetive) situation. It is so versitile that it can also be used in a sentence all by itself.

Homeboy spilled the beer...that was dirty!

I don't like that shiesty ho, she did me dirty!
av Libra Chic 8 augusti 2005
The funniest bitches ever. The comedic group is made up of as follows:

Mo'Nique: Fat bitches, if you sittin next to a skinny bitch, take your fist, and hit that bitch on the top of her head!

Adele Givens: She's such a fuckin lady!

Sommore: You don't know money like she knows money!

Miss Laura Hayes: Just let you put the head in??? Motha Fucka, I got two babies by the head!
Watch the Queens of Comedy while your stoned. You'll be rollin so hard your stomachs gonna hurt.
av Libra Chic 16 augusti 2005
A variation of the term, "hootchie", meaning a female that dresses or acts like a ho. If you are questioning weather or not your homegirl is a hootch, ask yourself these simple questions:

1) Every time this beeyotch comes around your crib or near your husband, is she wearing low cut shirts so her tig ol bitties are bouncin everywhere and/or jeans so tight she straight has a camel toe?

2) Is this bitch always surrounded by a group of niggas, even though she is married?

If you said 'yes' to either of these questions, you might want to reconsider who you kick it with, and never let that stank ass gutta butt triflin whore around your husband/fiancee/boyfriend anymore.
Look at that hootch, flirtin with my husband. I'm gonna knock that bitch in the back of her throat with a goddamn hammer.
av Libra Chic 16 augusti 2005
A bomb ass alcoholic drink. Im not sure what is in it...but I suspect that its quite a few different types of liquor because after a night of drinking them, I woke up next to another chick and Im sooo not a lesbo!
I will have another Gorilla Fart, please.
av Libra Chic 8 augusti 2005
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