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2 definitions by GETLIQUIFIED

It's a high five that only men can do. Except instead of slapping hands together you slap penises together.
Guy 1: WOOO we just one the game!
Guy 2: FTW! Guy five?
Guy 1: FO SHO!
*penii slap*
av GETLIQUIFIED 8 mars 2009
You or your partner takes a shit and the guy jizzes all over it. The shit is the sweet potato and the jizz is the marshmallow topping. Now, you dine on this delicious desert!
Guy 1: Me and my girl wanted to spice up our night with a desert. So I pinched a loaf and she jerked me off all over it. We had a delicious sweet potato desert. Yum!

Guy 2: Dude you are gross. I just threw up in my mouth.
av GETLIQUIFIED 19 mars 2009