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197 definitions by Fangsta

Niggaz With Attitudes: American rap music group from California (considered one of the first "gangsta rap" groups).
Then just study a tape of N.W.A.!
av Fangsta 18 mars 2003
1-Short for "got to", meaning "have to". See have gotta.
2-Short for "Have you got a".
I gotta go now.=I have to go now.
Gotta ciggie?=Have you got a cigarette?
av Fangsta 17 mars 2003
Money. See doe.
Did you get some dough?
av Fangsta 19 mars 2003
Short for "kind of".
What kinda music do you like?
av Fangsta 17 mars 2003
(n) Very small underwear (or bathing suit bottom) with just a string in the back. Called a "tanga" in Brazil.
What a thong!
av Fangsta 15 december 2003
When someone speaks tongue-in-cheek, that means they're joking and kidding.
He always speaks tongue-in-cheek, he never takes things seriously.
av Fangsta 18 mars 2003
The women's labia.
av Fangsta 18 mars 2003