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9 definitions by Evan May

The System of theology, defined by John Calvin, emphasizing the sovereignty of God over the free will of man, in which God undoubtedly and effectually saves His elect.
Calvinism alone is the gospel and nothing else.
av Evan May 31 maj 2005
99 54
Used in AOL instant messaner to indicate action. (E.g. ::action::).
Person 1: I'm going to kill you

Person 2: ::hides::
av Evan May 1 juni 2005
51 13
The only word anyone knows that begins in 'x'.
"X is for...um...xylophone,..yeah that's it".
av Evan May 31 maj 2005
118 84
Suffix that can be tagged to any word, making it a verb. Often used by Strongbad in Teen Girl Squad.
360 half claf to boneless...'d.

That guy got totally possum'd.

His face was all like nose'd.
av Evan May 1 juni 2005
29 7
A word that only posers use.
"That dude is a poser". :::looks at self and realizes that's me::::
av Evan May 31 maj 2005
16 1
The action of beeing eaten by a floor tom of a drum set. (See Teen Girl Squad episode 8).
She was floor tom'd!
av Evan May 1 juni 2005
7 1
A mid-word contraction for "of a". Used to make bad situations seem more funny.

av Evan May 1 juni 2005
9 8