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4 definitions by Dan Tutty

The rounded organs situated on a female chest. They come in many shapes and sizes and are often used for persuasion.
Look at the breasticles on her!
av Dan Tutty 4 mars 2004
The only game online that keeps people playing for years. A semi-religion for all who play.
I wonder if I'm winning my league game on hattrick.
av Dan Tutty 4 mars 2004
The reason behind male stroppyness once a month.
Females often get stressy once a month and it is closely linked to their periods. When a male gets stressy however, he is not on his period but on his pyramid.
av Dan Tutty 4 mars 2004
Nickname for a cool girl.
"Alright Inklie, how you doing?"
av Dan Tutty 4 mars 2004