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5 definitions by DCPimp

what chall want but just can't get!
av DCPimp 24 augusti 2003
26 17
dairy-air, as in:
i'll put a whuppun 2 ur backside, yah crackuh!
av DCPimp 24 augusti 2003
10 8
someone else's lady
that's 2 much drama, i can't fuch with no nex n_ bitch.
av DCPimp 25 augusti 2003
3 10
from the sound it makes when she walks
see thick
a good thing
"da donk, da donk, da donk, da donk"
av DCPimp 24 augusti 2003
3 11
the best when you get them in pairs, if ur not bitch-made that is.
gift of the gab don't hurt, neither
i got this 5th of bicardi,
me and ur girl should meet after the party
av DCPimp 24 augusti 2003
6 95