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A derogatory term used to describe someone as an idiot or a fuck up. Typically used by white people who are too white to get away with calling someone a 'cabron' or other equally Latin insult. Also used by fake ass wops to sound more Italian.
"dude quit picking your nose in public, those chicks are gonna think we're a couple of jabrones."
#jibronie #jabron #cabron #fuck up #dipshit
av Creeping Gibs 4 januari 2011
A case of diarrhea that is accompanied by severe flatulence to such a degree that the sound resembles a naval ship firing its cannons.
Tom had Taco Bell last night, he got the battleshits so bad it sounded like the Battle of Midway in there. Kept me up all night.
#the trots #diarrhea #thundershits #the squirts #the shits
av Creeping Gibs 12 januari 2010
To ejaculate into a woman's navel in such a manner as to cause the ejaculate to run down either side of her stomach.
Jim said he was fucking Mary and when he came he pulled out and gave her a belly chain
#spooge belt #white belt #pooch band #whitewash #semen strap
av Creeping Gibs 8 september 2009
Term used to describe a ponytail worn by a man who has gone totally bald on top but not the sides or back of his head. Usually grown to compensate for the baldness in hopes of still appearing virile to younger women. Similar to the comb over, but less obvious.

Commonly found on guys over 40 that work in comic book stores.
"Jesus, that old guy's got a a serious dork knocker going. Who's he trying to kid?"
#balding #ponytail #comb over #ring of shame #dork tail
av Creeping Gibs 5 januari 2010
1. A term used to describe someone who talks like they are very tech savvy but in reality is such a tech retard they have trouble using even the most basic computer functions.

2. Someone who likes to give PC or tech advice when they clearly have no idea what the fuck they are talking about.

Derived from the Keanu Reeves movie Johnny Mnemonic
Johnny Moronic there was gonna download a cracked copy of Photoshop, but instead he wound up installing a tapeworm that ate his harddrive.
#tech moron #keanu reeves #retard #computer dork #dumbass
av Creeping Gibs 13 december 2009
1. A derogatory term used to describe someone that constantly loses on a pool table that requires coins to be inserted in order to rack up the balls and play another game.

2. Any NPC in an MMO game that can be easily killed and drops a substantial amount of in game money.
"Oh Coin Boy? fetch us another rack."

"Dude, I gotta go pwn the Coin Boy I need some vig for my mats."
#loser #npc #loot #coinboy #c01nb0y
av Creeping Gibs 13 december 2009
1. (noun) A particularly rigid erection that feels as though its hard as iron. This also applies to morning wood.

2. (verb) To repeatedly poke a woman's clitoris with the tip of the penis with short but powerful strokes, mimicking a sculptor chiseling away at a statue.
When Mary inquired about the dents in the mattress, John replied "Those are from my clit chisel."
#boner #slip n' slide #stiffy #morning wood #clit fucking
av Creeping Gibs 9 december 2009
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