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A person (particularly a girl) who is tall and not fat. She has the 'hourglass figure' and has nice assets. But she is not fat or overweight.
Kaitlin is very curvy. I like her assets.
A person who you want to strangle with your hands, and you wouldn't even care if you got jailed. They are very annoying, and are convinced they are all that and a bag of dorritos. No one actually likes a bitchass. And it is considered much more insulting than a bitch or an ass. I know several bitchasses, and I want them all dead. You are an even bigger bitchass if your name is Hannah. Also known as calf, or leech.
Hannah: OMIGAWD! All the popular girls love me and I am soooo rich and stuff!

Cassy: No you're not. No one likes you and you are poor.

Hannah: What the hell, Cassy. You're just a loser. No one likes you.

Cassy: At least I'm not annoying and I am meek -heavenly light shines down on Cassy-.

Hannah: Well, whatever. All them girls like me, not you.

All Them Girls: You're a calf and a leech!

Hannah: Wha-a-a-aaaaa! -runs away crying-

Cassy: What a bitchass.
Curvy means that you are fat. You are in denial of your fatness, and you don't wanna admit it. So you go about calling yourself curvy. It is also used to describe someone you wanna call fat, but don't wanna seem like a total bitch about it. It can also mean you have boobs and an ass, but who even uses that term of the word anymore! Seriously you guys...
Kaity, a three hundred pound, ugly girl with red cheeks, ugly red hair that is very curly and frizzy, and is very short comes up to you.

You: Geez, I think you need to go on Weight Watchers.

Kaity: No, I'm just curvy. You're soooo jealous of my boobs and ass.. Guys always check me out. It makes me uncomfortable.

You: No, they're just staring at your flab.Not your 'assets'.

Kaity: No. Stop being so jealous. Hater.

You: I only weigh 120 pounds and I'm tall... you are obese and ugly. I own you, bitch. Later.
A gay fat kid who sits around and plays his ps2 all day.
Zack is such a faghole- he never gets off the fucking ps2!!
av Beautiful MEEEEEEEEEEE! =) 10 juni 2009
the best energy drink ever....comes in more better flavors and is 10x better than monster. monster is gay. amp is good. people who usually drink monster are fags. just sayin here. but its the truth. the end................no wait, amp is da bomb...end of story.
amppppppppp isssss goooooooddd
av Beautiful MEEEEEEEEEEE! =) 10 juni 2009
Don't listen to the wanna-be scene/ emo/ goth/ gay/ faggy people who say it is for preppy people. It is where gods shop. Abercrombie is the best store in the whole entire world, it is so awesome, it's even more amazing than bread. Abercrombie has cool clothes, and your a dillhole if you don't reconize the superior-ness.
Cassy and Kaitlin shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, and are really cool.

Kaity and Tiffany, don't, and they are faggy-ass losers.
av Beautiful MEEEEEEEEEEE! =) 10 juni 2009
A person who wears vests.
Preppy Slutty Girl Who Says She's Pure: Omigawd! Did you see Kaitlin?!

Sane Person: Yeah...

Preppy Slutty Girl Who Says She's Pure: She is wearing.... A VEST!!!

Sane Person: Soooo..? It doesn't show anything, and she has on a t-shirt underneath it...

Preppy Slutty Girl Who Says She's Pure: BUT SHE'S WEARING A VEST!!! AHHHH! OMIGAWD! SHE IS SUCH A SLUT!!!

Sane Person now walks away.
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